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What's new in 1.5 final, store version 2016.225 (February 25, 2016):

  • Simple text editor for small files (up to 200k)
  • Create new text file (ANSI or UTF-8) by long tapping on ".." item in file list
  • Plugins: Show menu on tap to download a file and open or edit it
  • Plugins: Re-upload, delete or save temporarily downloaded files
  • Copy function: Option to add links to files/folders to the Windows Phone home screen

What's new in 1.1 final, store version 2015.914 (September 14, 2015):

  • Fixed: Moving folder to same folder (cut+paste within same folder) could delete the folder (because Folder.DeleteAsync() sometimes also deletes non-empty folders)

What's new in 1.0 final, store version 2015.909 (September 9, 2015):

  • This is the first public release!


  • A smartphone with Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile (preview)
  • There is a separate version for Android devices!
  • This program does NOT work on any iOS device!

Main features: (screenshots)

  • Copy, Move whole subdirs
  • Rename (via properties), create dirs
  • Delete (no recycle bin)
  • Zip and Unzip
  • Properties dialog
  • Search function (also for text)
  • Select/unselect groups of files
  • Select by tapping on file icons
  • Select range with long tap on file icon
  • FTP client (built-in plugin)
  • WebDAV (Web folders) (built-in plugin)
  • LAN access (built-in plugin)
  • WiFi direct file transfer (plugin)
  • Cloud Storage: Microsoft, Dropbox, Google
  • Thumbnails for pictures
  • Virtual two panel mode
  • Bookmarks as in Total Commander
  • Simple help function in English, German
  • Supported languages of the main program: English, German, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese and Ukrainian. Translated via, using strings from the Android version

Download the Windows Phone version (Freeware!):

Version Supported devices Windows Store Notes
Windows Phone 8.1
Windows 10 Mobile
Download from Windows Store

IMPORTANT: Click this on your phone!
Does NOT work on Windows.

See our forum for the release notes

For Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, or 11, go back to the download page!

To fulfil the LGPL license of the modified SharpCIFS library used by Total Commander for Windows Phone in the LAN plugin, we provide source code of that library, and a sample program.