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Using Total Commander on an Apple Mac?

  • You can use a Windows emulator like Vmware fusion, Parallels or Crossover for Mac to use Total Commander on an Apple Mac computer.

  • Or try Commander One - Free File Manager for Mac OS X with PRO Pack of additional features for advanced file management. Aimed to be an alternative of Total Commander for Mac users.

  • Or CRAX Commander, which makes it easier for true fans of TC to migrate from Windows to Mac. CRAX Commander makes possible browsing archives as folders, connecting to FTP / SFTP, multi-renaming files, navigating in app using TC shortcuts and much more.

  • DCommander for Mac OS X is another great alternative for Mac Users. It includes everything you would expect from an advanced dual-pane file manager, including FTP, SCP, archive browser, synchronization and more, all with minimal memory usage and multi-language support.

  • Nimble Commander for Mac OS X is a 2 panel file manager especially for power users:
    - External Tools integration support: Quickly open any application with a variety of parameters based on the current focus/selection/path, etc.
    - External Editors can be used with any virtual file system, and changed files will be uploaded back.

New: Total Commander for Android and Windows Phone/Mobile/CE!

Still using Windows 3.1?