Installer for USB sticks

There are two types of installers available to run Total Commander from an USB stick:

1. Installer for normal USB sticks and PortableApps

This little tool allows you to copy an existing installation of Total Commander including all plugins and settings files to an USB stick. This is useful if you want to take Total Commander with you to work on various machines, e.g. for support work. It will automatically detect an existing PortableApps installation on the stick, and add Total Commander to it. The tool will NOT copy programs to the stick to which you link on the button bar. Supports 32-bit, 64-bit and combined 32+64-bit versions, depending on what is installed on your harddisk!

2. Installer for special U3 sticks (your stick has the U3 logo):

U3 USB sticks are special devices which show a menu icon in the system tray when inserted, and also support auto-run of programs from USB sticks. They require a special installer package which will work with the U3 installer. Optionally, all plugins and settings of an installed desktop version can be copied to the U3 stick too. Please only download this package if you really have an U3 stick!

After the download, you can install the package via "Install programs" - "Install from My Computer" from the U3 menu, then choose the just downloaded totalcmd.u3p file.