Total Commander for Windows Phone: sharpCIFS library

Total Commander for Windows Phone uses the SharpCIFS library, which is a port of JCIFS.

JCIFS was released under LGPL.

The SharpCIFS library for Windows Universal apps used by Total Commander is a port of the Silverlight SharpCIFS library:

The port to Universal apps was done by myself (Christian Ghisler) to make the library work with all the async functions used by Windows Universal apps.

Since the SharpCIFS library is based on JCIFS, which was released under LGPL, we provide:

To use the library, just put it in subfolder "SharpCifs" of your shared or mobile project, then use the JCIFS functions as usual. Most functions are in "SharpCifs.Smb", so use
using SharpCifs.Smb;
at the top of your source code to use the library. Most functions use "await" for async operation. See the sample project for details on how to list directories, download and upload files.
To compile, you will need Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 - the free "Express" version for C# is sufficient.