Useful Total Commander Add-ons

Additional languages (not included in normal download)

Chinese, Japanese, Russian and many more! These additional languages need to be unpacked to the language subdirectory of the Total Commander directory.
The following languages are included in the standard package: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Slovenian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Polish.


Viewers These are for viewing files from Total Commander, either as a plugin for Lister, or as an external tool. They are not extensions of the Lister - these are linked below in section "Lister Plugins".
External packers Programs necessary for the creation of some archive formats, like RAR or ACE.
Other useful addons Tools like backup programs, compare tools or FTP servers which work well with Total Commander


Packer plugins Packer plugins offer additional pack formats inside of Total Commander, or allow access to special file formats like CD-ROM images, or list files.
File system plugins File system plugins allow access to whole file systems via the Network Neighborhood, e.g. to a PocketPC device or a Linux file partition.
Lister Plugins Lister-Plugins allow to show specific file types via F3, e.g. program code with syntax highlighting.
Content Plugins Content plugins allow to extract specific data from files, like mp3 tags or photo information (e.g. exposure time). This data can be displayed in file lists, or used in the search and multi-rename functions.