Useful External Tools


Name Description
Irfanview A fast and easy to use graphics viewer, supporting many formats.
XNView Another powerful graphics viewer. Both Irfanview and XNView can be used as a viewer plugin in Total Commander's built-in viewer (Lister).
Freeware DBF (database) file viewer by Jens Richter
DBFRead Freeware DBF viewer, by ALXsoft
Acrobat reader By Adobe, to view PDF files (portable Postscript files)
Lister External version of Total Commander's built-in viewer.
New: 32-bit version now available!
Notetab An excellent multiple-document text editor which (like Total Commander) also comes from Switzerland.

External packers

Name Description
32 bit command line ZIP-compatible packer, recommended external packer for use with Total Commander
pkzip pkzip 2.04g and 2.50 for DOS (16 bit) work as external packers in Total Commander. Pkzip 2.5 for Windows and NT console are currently NOT supported (different command line parameters!).
ARJ The ARJ packer. Please note: Total Commander doesn't support the new JAR format, because the file names are NOT readable by other programs like in ARJ files. You may use the multi-arc plugin for JAR files.
LHA for Win32 32-bit-Version of LHA, direct download.
Packer homepage no longer available.
RAR Packer homepage

Other useful addons

Name Description
Used to change the time and date of multiple files by a specified amount, eg change the time of each file by + 1 hour 30 minutes (useful for misset internal clocks of digital cameras, etc.). Author: Roman Korcek
Backup4All Powerful backup program which creates normal ZIP files for the backup, so they can be browsed with Total Commander (one file per backup, or user-defined size). Like Total Commander, it supports many different languages through addon language files.
Small tool to recombine files created by the File Split function in Total Commander. The tool will check the integrity of the created file with the CRC file created by Total Commander. Author: Andreas Kromke
Compare It! Very good file compare program (if the internal compare isn't enough for you). Can also edit the compared files.
Examdiff Other very good file compare program.
GRBackPro Windows professional backup and copy utilities - creates ZIP-compatible backups (one file per directory)
HLP file
Help file in old non-html format
Inireloc Tool to set the locations of the settings files wincmd.ini and wcx_ftp.ini. This works only with the 32-bit version of Commander 4.53 and later.
JBCat Disk catalog tool, which uses the same file format as the diskdir plugin (see above). Links to Torry's Delphi pages, the original page ( seems to be dead.
Kryptel Strong encryption software invoked through the right click menu. Produced in New Zealand, it doesn't have to follow US export restrictions.
lptdos Standalone parallel port server for DOS. Allows to transfer files from/to a machine without an installed Windows. Does NOT support long filenames!
List to multi-instance converter. This tool can be used together with the button bar in Total Commander to open all selected files with a specific program, with the click of a single button (direct download).
Multi document executer - a tool similar to lst2multi, to open all selected files with a specific program, one program launch per file. Requires .Net framework 2.0. Mainly written because lst2multi is falsely reported as infected by Avira AntiVir.
Author: Xaver Bühlmann, Dreamland Photos.
Similar to lst2multi, but instead of calling the program multiple times as lst2multi, it calls it only once, and passes all names on a single command line. Direct download.
Microsoft Power Toys For Microsoft Windows 10 are very useful extensions.
FTP server
A powerful FTP server for Windows which works well with Total Commander.
A tool similar to the counter [C] in Total Commander's Multi-Rename Tool, but for changing file dates and times. Using ReDate you can change the dates of multiple files incrementally, see screenshot.
Now supports Unicode and a 64-bit version.
Authors: ProgMan13 (v1.1.1), Roman Korcek (v1.04)
Add drop-down menu functionality to Total Commander's button bar. Uses standard *.bar files. Author: MGP Software Ltd.
TC Plugins manager
TC PlugMan is an external plugins manager for Total Commander. It allows to:
- View list of installed LS/FS/Packer/Content plugins;
- Add/remove/Configure plugins;
- Temporary disable/enable plugins;
- Run/restart Total Commander.
Author: Alexey Torgashin
Ultra TC Editors
Editor package to edit Main Menu, Start Menu, Directory Menu, Button Bar, Extended Commands, History, Configuration and Hotkeys
Author: Taher Salem
USB installer Tool to install/copy Total Commander to an USB stick, including all plugins and settings files. A separate installer for U3-compatible sticks is available too.
wcicolib Sample replacement icon library (replaces internal file list icons like folders etc.). Feel free to create your own with a resource editor.
XSubst XSubst allows to access any directory by a drive letter. It works similar to the DOS command Subst, but with a user-friendly graphical user interface.
To add it to the Total Commander context menu, start XSubst, then choose File - Configuration - Global - Register context menu extension.
Author: Luke Filewalker