Download the latest openssl dlls:

You need the latest openssl dlls if you use Windows XP or older, and want to:

1. use the built-in FTP client with encryption via SSL/TLS


2. use the SFTP plugin (secure file transfer via SSH)

Download link: indy.fulgan.com (newest release at the top!)


  1. Make sure to get the latest version:
    For Total Commander 32-bit, get openssl-VERSION-i386-win32.zip, and
    For Total Commander 64-bit, get openssl-VERSION-x64_86-win64.zip
    For the combined version, download both.
  2. Unzip the 32-bit dlls to the Total Commander or plugin directory. The 64-bit dlls go to the subdirectory named "64" (without the quotes).

Important note for users of Microsoft IIS FTPS server:

There is a bug in IIS with the TLS 1.2 protocol. If you cannot upload files, you either need to install this Microsoft hofix KB2888853 on the server, or use openssl 1.0.0t or older (limiting the connections to TLS 1.0).