Recommended filters for audio/video in Lister

Name Description
LAV Filters
These open source filters support most of the modern video and audio formats. Please use these filters whenever possible.
They can be used in Total Commander without installation:
  1. Go to the directory where Total Commander is installed
  2. Unpack them all to the subdirectory filter32 (32-bit version) or filter64 (64-bit version)

get version
v3.2.0.803 or older!
Newer versions
will crash.
This open source filter allows to view videos with subtitles.
The XySubFilter does NOT work with Lister because it does not have an output. It can only show subtitles with either MadVR filter or with an internal MPC-HC output filter. Lister cannot use MadVR because it doesn't support windowless rendering mode. Therefore the version "" does not work with Total Commander at all.

If you use xy-vsfilter from the link, it comes with both XySubFilter.dll and VSFilter.dll. You need to either register VSFilter.dll with the command
regsvr32.exe VSFilter.dll
or put the VSFilter.dll in the subdirectory named filter32 for the 32-bit version, filter64 for the 64-bit version

LAV Filters
for Windows XP
The LAV filters above do not work on Windows XP, so you need to use this older version
for Windows XP
and older systems
The xy-VSFilter above does not work on Windows XP, so you need to use this older version of the xy_VSFilter