Download version 2.80 of Total Commander for Android and Blackberry

Download links | Online help: English | Czech | German | Russian | Spanish | Ukrainian

What's new in Total Commander 2.80 final (May 9, 2017):

  • Unpack ZIP/RAR files larger than 4 Gigabytes
  • Support for Android 7
  • New buttons for audio/video player
  • Choose m4a + wav files in ring tone picker
  • Better handling of external USB and SD-Cards
  • Move files from/to external SD-Cards/USB drives
  • Show compatibility warning about Purify, Greenify...
  • Bugfixes: Media scanner, remount drives on Android N

Media Player:

  • Remember last playlist
  • Sleep timer
  • Notifications for each new track
  • Load album images from cover.jpg/png/gif
  • Show current track number+total in the notification

Older history entries


  • A smartphone or tablet with Android 1.5 or later (tested up to Android 6.0)
  • The supported processors are: ARM, MIPS, X86 (RAR unpacker only available in ARM+X86 version)
  • This program does NOT work on an iOS or Windows Phone device!

Main features: (screenshots)

  • Copy, Move whole subdirs
  • Inplace rename, create dirs
  • Delete (no recycle bin)
  • Zip and unzip, unrar
  • Properties dialog, change attributes
  • Built-in text editor
  • Search function (also for text)
  • Select/unselect groups of files
  • Select by tapping on file icons
  • Select range with long tap on file icon
  • List of installed Apps (built-in plugin)
  • FTP client (plugin)
  • WebDAV (Web folders) (plugin)
  • LAN access (plugin)
  • WiFi direct file transfer (plugin)
  • Cloud Storage: Dropbox, Google, Microsoft
  • Root support for the main functions
  • Media player with streaming support
  • Send files via Bluetooth (OBEX)
  • Thumbnails for pictures
  • Two panels side by side, or virtual two panel mode
  • Drag&Drop (press & drag icon)
  • Bookmarks as in Total Commander
  • Directory history through dropdown list
  • Configurable button bar for changing directories, internal commands, launching apps, and sending shell commands
  • Simple help function in English, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Czech
  • Supported languages of the main program: English, German, Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. Translated via Any help is highly appreciated!

Download the Android version (Freeware!):

Version Processor type Google Play Store
(former Android Market)
APK Notes
ARM, MIPS and X86 Get it on Google Play direct download
Get the version from Google Play if you have access to it!
See our forum for the release notes
PluginsARM, MIPS and X86Play Store linksDirect download linksGet them from the play store if possible!

Download the Blackberry 10+Playbook version (Freeware!):

Version Supported devices Blackberry Appworld BAR Notes
Blackberry 10
Blackberry Playbook
download Blackberry version This is a conversion of the Android version with a few Blackberry- specific changes

If you install Total Commander from the "direct download" link for the first time, please open the "Settings" app of your Android device and go to the "Applications" page. Here you need to allow apps from "Unknown Sources". No need to do this when installing from the Google Play store (Android Market).

There are five ways to install Total Commander:

1. From Google Play, if your device supports it (recommended)

2. From the Amazon App Store (for Kindle tablets and Android devices with the Amazon app)

3. If you read this on your device, click on "direct download".

4. If you read this on your PC, and have a barcode scanner app installed on your Android device, double click on the following QR code, then scan it with your phone to start the download. You can get a barcode App by searching for barcode in the market. Personally I'm using the app "Barcode Scanner" by ZXing Team, it's a very simple one, which is open source, so it should be safe.

5. Finally you can of course type in the following link by hand in the web browser of your device:

For Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1, go back to the download page !