Additional languages (not included in normal download)

Please download the language file to your computer, then double click the archive file inside Total Commander to auto-install the new language.

LanguageTranslators, special instructions
AfrikaansLudwig Everson, Henko TerBlanche, Hester Vermaak, Dawie Snyman and Johann Tonsing
AlbanianArben Çokaj
ArmenianHrant Ohanyan (Note: Unicode-Only, requires Windows 2000, XP or later!)
Belarussian (cyrillic)Igor Gerasimovich
CatalanNica Mlg and Ramon Martí
Chinese SimplifiedNow included in main installer! (Mainland, GB font) New by Ge Yongjia
Chinese Traditional
(original translation)
(Taiwan, BIG5 font) Lo Yih-huang, updated by *sky*
Croatian (Hrvatski)Elvis Gambiraza (previous: Krunoslav Gernhard, Vlatko Kiefer and Tomislav Kulis)
Czech chm helpIvan Mikulcak, Martin Ruzicka
Esperanto h-sistemoKlaus Schlüter, see for infos
Esperanto Unicode
(with accents)
Klaus Schlüter, see for infos
EstonianTőnu Virma
Estonian helpTőnu Virma
HebrewYossi Ezra, Erez Zukerman, DGI_IL and Yaniv_IL (including mirrored dialog boxes!)
One of our translators is co-developer of Peter Answers, a free, online, interactive fortune telling game that allows you to fool your friends. How does Peter know the answers? The Secret of the game (please read this, otherwise you will not understand).
Hellenic (Greek)John Polygiannakis, Papazoglou Panagiotis
IndonesianM. Ridwan Hakim
+ New:Tutorial
Takeo Noguchi, Youichi Saida (see special instructions!)
Tutorial translated by Youichi Saida
Kölsch(a German dialect) Michael Thiergart
KoreanNow included in main installer! by sheppaul, Kim Kyung Deok, Seo Jeong Young, and David Lee
LithuanianIgoris Vasiliauskas, Viktoras Dagys, Gintautas Grigas, Mindaugas Buliauskas
MacedonianVasil F. Bacovski
Portuguese BRA(Brazilian style) - Carlos Seabra, Paulo Buarque Guimaraes, MCHAL, José Carlos Taveira
RomanianNow included in main installer! Fehér Attila and Eugen Antal
Russian originalAndrew Manjov and Mikhail Zhilin. This translation differs from the one included with Total Commander and the Russian full pack above.
New Serbian files compliant to Windows Serbian LOC
cyrillic | latin
Branislav Mihaljev, Dragan Grbic and Sinisa Lalic
New Serbian translation which is fully compliant with Microsoft Windows and Office localization. The authors have worked in the official localization team of Windows and MS Office. The translation also contains the localized internal commands (
(South America)
Mario Angel Regalado, Alejandro Muńoz Uribe (note: Spanish/Spain is included in the main program download)
ThaiGampol Thitinilnithi, Fastwrite corporation, and Samarn Sumrith
TurkishSadi Yumusak (original by Atif Unaldi and Emre Ozpinar), Adem Hürtürk
Ukrainian traditionalOleksandr Krasnokutskyi, previously by Maxim Krikunenko (Maximus)
(translated from "Russian full pack")
Hoang Thanh Sang, based on translation by Luong Minh Duc
others:The following languages are included in the standard package: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Slovenian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Polish, Korean and new also Russian, Romanian and Simplified Chinese.
Not yet adapted to version 9.0x:Please try again later! You may use these language files, but some parts will be in English or missing. Please contact me if you want to become the new translator for one of these languages!
Chinese chm help(Mainland China) Lu Dajun
Latvian--- DPL --- and Eduard Ambartsumov
Polish HelpWieslaw Jurgielewicz
New for 8.52a:
Russian full pack
with HLP help,
with HTML Help
Konstantin Vlasov and Vadim Kazakov.
(Includes help, language file, standard+extended menus, history etc. Homepage) Available either with conventional HLP file or HTML help (CHM). Extension of the Russian language files included with the program.
U3 USB stick users should download these packages: HLP-U3 or CHM-U3
UzbekSherzod Mamatkulov
Not yet adapted to version 8.5x: Please try again later! You may use these language files, but some parts will be in English or missing. Please contact me if you want to become the new translator for one of these languages!
ArabicMaged A. Mohamed, Ahmed Alghamdi
Romanian UnicodeFehér Attila, Eugen Antal, Cristian Adam (Note: does not work on Windows 9x/ME)
Ukrainian Help (CHM)
This package also includes the program translation files above
Maxim Krikunenko ( Maximus)
Not yet adapted
to version 7.57a:
Please try again later! You may use these language files, but some parts will be in English or missing. Please contact me if you want to become the new translator for one of these languages!
Dutch help (Nederlands)
Het NL taalteam: Rein de Jong, Johan Camps, Folkert Vos, Kees Weijsenfeld
Some info about the Dutch help project can be found in this PDF.
For questions/comments, please visit the new Dutch section in our forum!
Dutch manual 7.04a
(on user site, click on Documentatie)
Frank Van Goolen (Flanders Computer Club)
Note: You need to enable Javascript to see the page menu!
French Help 7.04a Claude Charries, Thierry Charles and Paul Vansumsen.
Greek help 6.54Papazoglou Panagiotis
old Polish Help (7.x)
Polish translation 2
Lukasz Jakubowski. Note: There is not only a help file translated to Polish, it also comes with an alternate Polish language version (separate download), because the help uses different terms than the official translation. It's up to you to decide which language version you want to use.
Spanish Help 6.54aby D. Schubert.
Belarussian (latin) 8.0xMiHLitvin
Bosnian 8.0xIvan Stambolic
Bulgarian 8.0xAndrew Damianov and Mitko Bakalov
Chinese TraditionalRudy Hsieh (adapted from Chinese Simplified, words changed to Taiwan custom wording)
Chinese Traditional (org)Vincent Cheng (converted and adapted from Chinese Simplified)
Finnish 8.50Harri Vuorinen, Tomi Kuusisto
Galician 8.0xEvaristo Rodríguez, Andrés León Prieto
Georgian (partial)Nikolozi Gurashvili
Icelandic 6.50 Sigurđur Marísson
Luxemburgish 7.0Jean-Claude Berens
Malay 6.0Nurlaili Legimin
Plattdüütsch 7.0(Northern German language/dialect) Gunnar Kempke
Portuguese POR 7.04(Traditional) - António José Soares Oliveira Rodrigues
Serbian (org) 8.0xSrdjan Obucina (latin is a conversion from cyrillic version)
This was the first Serbian translation available.
Ukrainian (old) 8.0xVitaliy Stopchans'kyy, Igor Bondar and Andrii Zimich
Valencian 7.04David Peiró Navarrete