Total Commander newsletter

Unfortunately we had to discontinue the newsletter, because more and more of our messages were deleted by spam filters.

Instead, Total Commander 9 and newer now supports an optional automatic update notification. It checks once a day for a new version via Internet name resolution (Domain Name System, DNS). If there is one, you get a notification dialog, which offers to open the newsletter page. The update will NOT be installed automatically, but can be downloaded and installed manually.

You can activate the automatic update notification like this:

  1. Open the menu "Help" on the far right of the menu bar.
  2. Choose "Check for updates now".
  3. If Total Commander is up to date, you get an offer to activate the automatic update check. Choose "Yes".

You can deactive the automatic update check with the same 3 steps.

Important note:

If you activate automatic update checks while using a pre-release version (beta version) of Total Commander, you will be informed also about updates to newer beta versions. Otherwise you will be informed only about release versions.

Alternatively, you can activate update notifications also manually. Please add the following string to the file wincmd.ini, section [Configuration]:
if you want to be informed about beta versions too.

You can edit the wincmd.ini via Configuration - Change settings files directly.