Problems with self-extracting ZIP archives,
which were created with Total Commander version 6.55

After the installation of the security update KB923191 for Microsoft Windows XP, all self-extracting archives created with Total Commander 6.55 cannot start any more. The reason seems to be a Windows error with the display of dialog elements (e.g. buttons) having the Windows XP themed look. There is no problem with self-extracting archives created by older versions of Total Commander, because they were still 16-bit programs. However, these older self-extracting archives do not run on Windows Vista. Also Total Commander 6.55a (and newer) contain an updated self-extractor.

Solution for newer archives:

Please update to the latest version of Total Commander.

Solution for existing archives:

Existing archives which cannot be started any more can be unpacked in 2 different ways:

  1. Place the text cursor on the file, press Alt+Enter, go to the second page of the property sheet, and turn on the compatibility mode for Windows 2000. Afterwards the self-exctracting archive will start without problems and can be unpacked.
  2. Rename the file from filename.exe to Afterwards you can open it with most unpackers, also with Total Commander, and unpack it. This method also works with older self-extracting archives created by Total Commander 6.54a or older, e.g. for Windows Vista.