Ordering online

Please read the following carefully:

1. You can either buy just a license key by e-mail, or also a CD by air mail.

2. If you just buy a key, you will be charged VAT (value added tax) by the online shop if you are within the EU or Switzerland.

3. If you buy a key+CD, you will be charged VAT (and some country-dependent fees) when you receive the CD. To users from Austria, Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Russia: we strongly recommend that you order either just a key by e-mail, or from our local reseller, to avoid problems (and high import fees) from customs.

4. Please give your full name and address! Otherwise your order will NOT be processed.

5. Please allow about 2-3 business days until you receive the registration key! The CD takes about 5-21 days, depending on your country. We are located in Switzerland (Europe).

6. Normally the program will be registered to the name of the credit card holder, or the company name (if checked). If you want to order for someone else, use the resale/GIFT option. We will only register to real existing names!

I would like to order:

1. for myself/my company: key CD
2. for someone else:key (GIFT/resale)CD (GIFT/resale)
3. additional licences to an existing licence: Additional licences