Privacy Policy - Total Commander for Android

1. Normal operation:
- This app does not collect or store or share any personal information.
- This app does not show any ads.
- This app does not use any social networking functions.
- This app does not link to external web sites, except to our own homepage:
- This app does not allow in-app purchases.
- This app does not store or share your location.
- Plugins will store user name and password (if provided) of the created connections.
If possible, use the "Master password" option to store the password in encrypted form

2. Submitting a crash report:
In case of a crash, Total Commander shows a dialog box to submit a crash report. If you send this report, the data shown at the end of this page will be sent to us. You can view the report before submitting it, by clicking on the magnifying glass button.

Christian Ghisler
Ghisler Software GmbH
Huehnerbuehlstr. 45
Bolligen, CH-3065

Crash report:

Field Example
Application version 2.02
Timestamp 2019-09-12 07:40:52
Device manufacturer samsung
Device model SM-G970F
Device codename beyond0
Android version 9: P
Android API version 28
Exception name java.lang.ArithmeticException: divide by zero
stack trace$23.onClick(
java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)$
user_comment The comment you write in the crash dialog