Privacy Policy - Total Commander for Windows Phone

1. Behaviour of the app:

This app can optionally store your user name and/or password for connections via FTP, LAN (SMB Windows network), or WebDAV.
Passwords are stored in the Windows Phone secure password store (PasswordVault).
This app does not collect or share any other personal information.
This app does not share any information with us, the makers of the app.
This app does not show any ads.
This app does not use any social networking functions.
This app does not allow in-app purchases.
This app does not store or share your location.
This app allows the user to connect to the following third party cloud services:

2. Permissions used by the app:

3. Contact information:

Ghisler Software GmbH
Christian Ghisler
Huehnerbuehlstr. 45
Bolligen, CH-3065
e-mail: (in English, French, German or Italian)