Privacy Policy - WiFi plugin for Total Commander

This app allows to connect two Android devices via HTTP over WiFi/WLAN.

This plugin does not collect or store or share any personal information.
This plugin does not show any ads.
This plugin does not use any social networking functions.
This plugin does not link to external web sites, except for this privacy policy.
This plugin does not allow in-app purchases.
This plugin does not store or share your location.

Used permissions

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Store uploaded files on the internal storage
INTERNET: Allow connections from other devices
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Check whether a network connection is active
ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: Check whether WiFi/WLAN is on
CHANGE_WIFI_STATE: Turn on WLAN if needed
CHANGE_WIFI_MULTICAST_STATE: Create a WiFi access point when no WiFi is available
CAMERA: Scan the QR-Code used to share the connection
WAKE_LOCK: Keep the server running when the app is in the background (server icon shown)
INSTALL_SHORTCUT: Version 2: Create link with list of shared files on home screen
WRITE_SETTINGS: Create WiFi access point (not needed for WiFi direct)
FOREGROUND_SERVICE: Show notification that the plugin is active, prevent server from being unloaded
ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: Only needed (and requested) on Android 10 and newer to create a WiFi Direct server

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