Supported cables for USB cable connection

The following cables have been tested by us and/or our beta testers and are guaranteed to work. Please do yourself a favor and order one of these if you want to use a cable with Total Commander. For other cables, make sure that you can return them if they do not work. See the end of this page for a list of cables which do not work.

Note: The Windows Easy Transfer software is required on Windows XP. If it isn't included with your cable, you can download it from Microsoft directly. The driver is included in Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Unfortunately older Windows versions are not supported. See the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page for known problems (e.g. with Windows XP 64 bit).

New: Cable Matters USB 3.0 Data Transfer Cable PC to PC for Windows and Mac Computer in 6.6 ft

Order links: |

Length: 2.0 m

Very fast using USB 3.0.

Note: You do not need the included software, it works with Total Commander out of the box. We have tested this cable ourselves.

New: StarTech USB 3.0 Data Transfer Cable for Mac and Windows

Order link: | Manufacturer link:

Length : 2m

Very fast using USB 3.0.

Note: This cable was tested in our forum

Goobay USB 3.0 Active USB Data Link Cable

Item Code: 67770

Length: 2.0 m

Very fast (~ 80 MByte/s) because it's using USB 3.0

APC Windows 7 Easy Transfer Cable

Item Code: APC-7314

Length: 2.7 m

Belkin Easy Transfer Cable for Vista

Part # F5U258ea

Length: 2.5 m

Belkin Easy Transfer Cable for Windows 8

Part # F4U060 (replaces F5U279ea)

Length: 2.5 m

Conceptronic USB 2.0 Vista™ copy cable


Length: 2.5 m

Delock Cable Data Link + KM Switch USB 3.0

Part Nr. 83647

Length: 1.5 m

Requires Total Commander 9 or newer!

Delock Easy Transfer USB 2.0 Vista cable

Part Nr. 82283

Length: 1.94 m

GR-Kabel USB Vista Cable - 2,50m Easy Transfer Cable for Windows Vista

Part Nr.: PU-160

Length: 2.50 m

Logilink Easy Transfer Kabel für Microsoft® Vista® USB 2.0

Part Nr. UA0030

Length: 2.5 m

Manhattan Hi-Speed USB File Transfer Cable

Part Nr. 365925

Length: 2.0 m

Rotronic Roline USB 2.0 Link cable for Windows Vista

Part Nr. 11.02.9196

Length: 2.5 m

Speed dragon USB 2.0 Data Link Cable (Prolific PL25-A1)

Part #: SD-U2PL25LK-A1

Length: 2.2 m


Model name: U-440
Part No: U2-P09-DN10-11-00012

Length: 1.6 m

Vivanco "Easy Transfer Cable" for Windows Vista

EDP.No. 22269

Length: 2.5 m

Unsupported Cables

The following cables are known NOT to work:

- J5create Mini KVM Datalink Cable for PC
- USB 2.0 DirectLink cable with software Thunder Bird (ASIN B000BL6IZO)
- DIGITUS - Driverless USB Datalink Cable (DA-70010 and DA-70011)
- <noname> - USB Easy Datalink (for all Windows Systems)
- Hama USB2 Link cable - Ref 00049248
- LOGILINK Easy Suite PC-Link Cable USB 2.0 (PC0061)
- Sewell FastLynx Transfer Cable
- Sandberg USB to USB share link (Nr. 133-57)

If the description says that Windows 9x/ME or 2000 is supported, the cable will NOT work with 100% certainty, because the Microsoft WinUSB drivers do not work on these systems. Do not purchase these cables for Total Commander!

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